August 2023

Market Update August 2023

Posted on Aug 17, 2023

Hello, everyone. Let's look at the numbers. So in the Hundred Mile market, back in June when I did my last market update, across the entire Hundred Mile market for residential and bare land together, we had 317 listings. Now we're up to 395, which is not unexpected. We know the mid-July timeframe's usually about when the inventory peaks. When we lo...

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Blog Real Estate Listing Secrets Revealed : Decoding Agent Speak!

Posted on Aug 08, 2023

What does the listing agent mean by that? If you've been looking at the listing and wondering how you should be interpreting them here's a couple tips. So, when you see things like quaint and cozy it might very well mean tiny. If you see great views, there's a good chance there's a steep driveway to get up to those views. There's always other hints...

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