Blog Real Estate Listing Secrets Revealed : Decoding Agent Speak!

What does the listing agent mean by that? If you've been looking at the listing and wondering how you should be interpreting them here's a couple tips. So, when you see things like quaint and cozy it might very well mean tiny. If you see great views, there's a good chance there's a steep driveway to get up to those views. There's always other hints that are sort of tucked into listings, but pictures will tell a really big story too. If the furniture makes it look like grandma and grandpa live there, there's a good chance grandma and grandpa live there and if it is grandma and grandpa, there's a good chance that nobody's been maintaining the house for a while, not always, but the pictures will give you some clues to stuff like that. So, if you have questions about what the listing agent really means with those comments, give me a call.

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