Public lake accesses in the South Cariboo 

 So what do the public lake accesses look like in the South Cariboo? 

Here at Inter Lakes we have a bunch of them. You can see here, this is one of the public lake accesses on Sheridan Lake. This is actually a very nice one. You can see it's a nice road right down to the lake. You could put a boat in here. The waterfront here on Sheridan is pretty smooth and easy into it so it would be a great place to bring your kids to swim, but they don't all look like this. Let me show you a few more. Hey, so here we are at Bridge Lake Access 19. This one you can see here, you'll probably get your boats pretty close, but you're going to walk in the back boat into the water here. But it's interesting 'cause there's a driveway off of this one. That's something we see a lot too. And the ones with driveways, they're not all labeled. So sometimes you'll see driveways that are actually public lake accesses, but you have to know where they are. So here's another public lake access. This one's onto Bridge Lake. You can see it's kind of brushed in at the bottom here, so not a great spot to put in your boat. Also, I'm not convinced this road you could back a boat down, but this might be an easy spot to bring your kayaks and throw those into the lake. Have a look at how brushed in this one is on Wilson Lake. Here we are still on Bridge Lake. You can see this public access is all brushed in. 

There's a bunch of them around that haven't been used. Some of them are much more treated than this, but they are public lake accesses and therefore everybody's enjoyment. So, if you're looking for help trying to figure out where your public lake accesses are or ones that are close to you, you can always check out the Caribou Regional District Mapping system or gimme a call. I'm Amanda Oldfield with the eXP Realty and I'm here to help.

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