Market Update 

Hey, everybody!

 If you are wondering what's going on in the real estate market in 100 Mile house and Interlakes, here is your update. So it's April 1st. Happy April Fools Day, everybody. I'm going to go ahead and share my screen, and I'll take you through a few things. So here what we're looking at is in the residential market in all of 100 Mile, we have 138 listings altogether.

 When you look at price wise, the most expensive is five million, and the cheapest is 135,000. That's for residential properties. The median price here, 576, that's for active listings. But when we look at what sold in the last month, we had 11 sales for residential in the last month in the whole 100 Mile area. The median sales price you'll see here was 390, so quite below that median list price. 

The median days on market was 56, and the average was 93 for the 11 sales that we had. Now when we look at Bridge Lake, Sheridan Lake, Deka Lake, Lac Des Roche, the Interlakes areas, this is the 21 residential listings we've got here. So they've been on the market for an average of 121 days. And you'll see the median price point here is 679, so above that median sales price, as well. When we look at land, what we've got here is 55 listed in the 100 Mile area altogether at the moment. We've been on the market for a bit longer. It is winter. Nobody likes to buy bare land under the snow. With the median sales price of one, or sorry, asking price of 159,900. When we look at what sold in the last month, actually there was six bare Land sales. Couple of them you'll see in the 108, Lac La Hache. And the most expensive was down on Loon Lake Road for 240. So the median days on market for sales here was 136, and the median sales price was 104,750. When we look at the Bridge Lake, Interlakes, Deka Lake area, we've got a total of 12 listings with the median sale, or sorry, asking price of 91,000. You'll see these ones here. The cheap ones are just little ones right on the highway out at Lac Des Roche. The most extensive comes up to this Ross Road Run, which is just above Bridge Lake in that field just off 30 Field Road there. So we are seeing days on market jump quite a bit. In the residential market for the last month, we had 43 new residential listings. So that's part of the reason why we're seeing the days, sorry, the inventory jump so much is time of year. It's March. Into April, we'll see more and more listings come on, and the inventory's going to peak in mid-June, usually, on our annual basis. So we will see the inventory levels jump over the next few months, but also more buyers will be coming out and things should be pretty exciting. I think the inventory's still low enough historically that we're not going to see too much of a drop in prices at all. I think that might just hold us steady here, so we'll see how that goes. Anyways, I'm Amanda Oldfield with EXP Realty. And if you'd like more information about the market, feel free to give me a call. Bye.

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