10 Must Nots When Buying a Home 

Getting your offer accepted
is not the end of the home buying process.
If you're not careful,
that dream home can quickly
become a missed opportunity.

Hi, I'm Amanda Oldfield with exp Realty and I'm about to save you from  missing out on your dream home.Over the years, I've seen many
buyers make these mistakes after they've gone into contract on their home, but once that contract is in place, you want to avoid these 10 things.

1. Don't change jobs, don't become self-employed, and don't quit your job.
2. Don't buy a car, a truck, or a van. You might end up living in it.
3. Don't rack up your credit cards and don't let your accounts fall behind.
4. Don't spend any of the money that you've got set aside for closing.
5. Don't omit any debts or liabilities on your loan application.
6. Don't buy any furniture, even if the payments are deferred until after closing.
7. Don't allow any extra inquiries on your credit except for insurance purposes.
8. Don't make any large deposits or take out any large deposits
without first checking with your lender.
9. Don't change bank accounts.
10. Don't cosign for any loans, not a car or a house because once you cosign on a loan, that debt becomes your debt.

Follow those 10 commandments of buying and you will make the process so much easier and smoother.

Give me a call and I can help make sure you've got all the information you need to stay safe and make sure that you can complete on your home
once you've been accepted an offer.
I'm Amanda Oldfield with exp Realty,
and I'm here to help.

I'm Amanda Oldfield with EXP
Realty, and I'm here to help.

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 In 2022 Amanda had been a Realtor for over 10 years and has helped over 200 families. 

With a thirst for education, Amanda spends hours seeking to improve and stay on the cutting edge. Striving for excellence in business and marketing. 
 Her attitude is characterized by her slogan:
"I'm here to help"