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If you want to know what happened in the real estate market in the Interlakes area, this is the spot for you. I'm Amanda Oldfield with eXp, and here's a look at what happened at Deka, Sulphurous, Bridge Lake, Sheridan Lake out to Lac Des Roche in 2022. In 2022, Interlakes had 92 total sales. That was 49 that were residential with homes or cabins on them, and 43 of them were bare land.

Out of those, 62 sold under that $500,000 mark, with only five selling over a million. Now let's have a look at the trends. Here, you see the stats for what sold in the Hundred Mile House area in the maroon line, with Bridge Lake in blue, and Deka, Sulphurous in green. This graph is the average sales through 2022. You'll see that our late winter, early spring was pretty busy over here, and it's been fairly steady since then with it getting quiet through the winter, sort of after August.

So this came down maybe faster than usual. This one is sales prices. So you can see they've remained fairly steady. They were fairly high coming in at the start of the year in February when things were crazy and have been noisy through here. This jump up in the blue just was when the ranch on Sheridan Lake sold at 1.6 million, so that's a little noisy there.

You can see when we look at month's supply that we had a bit of a jump up through the summer. That's not unusual. Our inventory usually peaks, it's sort of June, July, and then it whittles down through the whole rest of the year. But when we look at this on a 10-year average, you can see the month's supply is fairly low across the 10-year average with active listings sort of showing the same thing.

So this is going to help keep our market from probably crashing, and anything too drastic happening is that the supply just isn't there. Now when we go back and look at what's sold, like I mentioned the Sheridan Lake Ranch, you can see here, was the most expensive house that sold at one 1.675. We had a couple over a million, and then the bulk of what we did, like I said, was from 62 down, was under that 500,000 price point.

So there was some interesting things that happened there last year. Like I said, it was pretty crazy in February. Buyers were making some crazy choices. Things were pretty hectic. By August, for me, things had calmed down quite a bit. It took me August, sort of September to get my feet back underneath me, had some time off, which was just lovely and absolutely needed.

But now we're back at it. My phone's been ringing. It's not super dead and quiet out there. So anyways, there's a look at what happened for you guys in 2022. If you have any questions about it or want me to dive deeper into something for you, just reach out to me. 

I'm Amanda Oldfield with eXp Realty
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