2021 Real Estate Year in Review, Bridge Lake and Sheridan Lake BC

 I wanted to take you through some of the statistics for what happened in real estate, specifically in Bridge Lake and Sheridan Lake area for 2021. 
We had four sales in 2021 and this is keep in mind Bridge Lake Sheridan Lake Lac de Roche we had 126 sales in 2021 that's for residential and land comparatively in 2020 it was only 84 and in 2019 it was only 43. Quite a big jump from 2019 till now. Days on market in 2019 was 103 and 2020 dropped down to 68. And in 2021 it was 36 days on market.   That's pretty tight. Those are numbers we don't see a lot. We're still firmly into the seller's territory here. 
When we look at the residential side of things, which is anything that sold with the house on it, we've also seen a big change in the sales prices. The median sales price in 2019 in December was $380,000 in 2020 it was up to 495 and in 2021 it was five 515. That's the median sales price for a month. It will be affected by what sorts of houses sold that month but this seems to be a good reflection of the fact that prices are indeed climbing. 
When we look at what's available right now in the bridge like Sheridan lake area there's three houses for sale and three bare lots for sale and that's it. I don't expect that we're going to see days on market jump up too high and I do think we'll still see some pressure increased on the prices that we've got. 
Looking at the list of what's available right now for bare land. You can see there's only those three listings on it. The cheapest one is on the south side of Sheridan lake 40 acres. It's been on the market for 127 days. This one has no fire protection probably doesn't have cell service on unmaintained roads quite far into the boonies, and then the most expensive one we've got for bear land right now is on Ross road.  2.10 acres overlooking bridge lake. It does have a well on it. 
When we look at what's available right now for homes, the cheapest house for sale in the bridge lake Sheridan lake area at the moment $789,900 Can you believe it? This one is a very large parcel. I think it was 80 acres and it does have waterfront on Staley lake. When we look the next one on the list is waterfront on Sheridan 7575 Thomas point road at $857k. Lastly we've got Sheridan lake ranch, 1.6 they've got I think 160 acres or 113 acres. You can see that there and a nice house there too. 
As you can tell there's not a lot available currently. When we look at the active listings at the moment you can see on a five-year average with a rolling 12 months, this is what we've got for active listings. They've dropped down quite a bit our month supply also is very low and you'll see the sales prices here are climbing. We are expecting that it's going to be a seller's market for a while with so little on the market. Now, usually this time of year we do have the lowest inventory December, January. It doesn't usually peak till about June but with nothing on the market right now and there's still a lot of buyers circling out there it's going to be a sellers market, at least until spring. I don't know what's going to happen. COVID is making things weird. I've never been less sure about what's going on in the market but for sure I'm confident it's going to be a seller's market for at least a bit yet and maybe quite a while yet. 
We'll have to see what that all brings. There was a couple surprises in the last year. We had on the land side, this property sold so it was waterfront on Kingfisher. You can see it's almost four acres they got $740k for it. I was shocked about that one and then otherwise we've seen lots of sales higher in the price point than we're usually seeing. Like lots of sales over the $800,000 mark seems to be like there's lots of money out there. The houses up at those higher price points used to sit for quite a while and we're not seeing that the days on market are shrinking. 
 The median days on market for 2021 was only 36 and that's almost outrageous. So it's a seller's market. 
It's a great time to list. 
If you guys have been thinking about it, it's probably not worthwhile holding off until spring, unless you've got some projects that you feel need to be done. So if you'd like some advice on that or anything else, of course you can always call me. I'm Amanda Oldfield with eXp Realty. I'm here to help.
 Have a great day.