7 Things to do Before Listing to get you More Money

If you're thinking maybe you're going to sell in the future and you'd like to get started on the work now, here's seven things you can do ahead of time to get your house sales-ready. 
First off, declutter, declutter, declutter. Put it all away. If you're moving anyways, it makes sense to pack it into boxes now. It'll make your countertops and all of your rooms look bigger when there's less stuff in them. 
Going along with decluttering is staging. Get out all of the old, tacky furniture you own but is so comfortable you're not willing to get rid of. Pack that away. Get some nice stuff in there. You want some pops of colour. You want to take down most of the personal photographs but leave up the artwork, and just make sure that everything's spacious-looking and bright. 
From there, you're going to go on to fixing all of the issues. So that loose, creaky floorboard or the tap that drips, makes sense to get all that stuff tidied up before you put it on the market. That way, it'll look like your house is a little bit more well cared for and that you guys have been on top of the maintenance. 
Also, while you're doing projects, let's finish all those projects that you had started. So that last piece of trim that needs to go up, that last cover for the electrical, get all of those things done. 
Afterwards, you want to give everything a very deep clean, and I mean everything: window tracks, walls, all of it. Everything should have a good scrub down and looked well cared for. 
You want to work on your curb appeal. So what is it people see when they first drive into your driveway? Again, splashes of colour, making things look neat and tidy. Those first impressions are important. You can't replace them. So making sure your first impression is great will really help out. 
The last thing you guys can consider is getting your documents organised. Do you have well records? When's the last time your septic was done? Did you get a receipt? If you've got documentation that goes with the different systems in your house, like your extra-fancy water purifier, gathering all that stuff together would answer a lot of questions for a lot of buyers. And they always appreciate the more information you can give them. They're also going to often ask questions, like "How much do you pay in hydro in a month?" So having that data ready and on hand will be super helpful to make them feel at home and give them more confidence and clarity. 
So that was seven things you guys can start on right now. 
If you have any more questions or you'd like any more details on any of these, you can always call. 
I'm Amanda Oldfield with eXp Realty here in 100 Mile House and Interlakes, and I'm here to help. 

Have a great day.