Market Update 100 Mile and Interlakes Oct 4th.

 I've got some numbers for you for what's going on in the 100 Mile Real Estate Market. 
When we look at the market in 100 Mile as a whole, right now, we've got three months worth of inventory. That's super low. It's as low as it's been since they started keeping track online in '05. Bridge Lake/Sheridan Lake area right now is at 2.7 months, and Deka/Sulphurous is at 3.2 months. So that's still firmly into sellers territory. 
In the 100 Mile market, as a whole over the last 30 days, we listed 64 properties and sold 59, but 18 expired, so that's probably going to keep the level at about the same, the same low level that it's been. Right now, when we look at Interlake, so Deka/Sulphurous, Bridge Lake/Sheridan Lake area, there's only 40 listings. Now, that's residential and land together. And out of those 40 listings, only 11 of them are under 500,000. So what we're seeing is at the top end, there's more inventory, and at the bottom end where most of the buyers are shopping, there is very little inventory. So if you're thinking about buying or selling, it's a bit of a tough time to be a buyer but it's a pretty good time to be a seller still, even though it's October, winter is encroaching on us. The inventory is still so low, and there's all these buyers still hanging around from summer who haven't been able to find anything, and they're still going to be out there looking. So it's a pretty good time to get your house listed still. That's your market update for October 4th. I'm Amanda Oldfield, and if you're thinking about selling, give me a call. 250-318-5202.