Interlakes Market Update for July 12th.

The inventory for 100 Mile House, went up over 40 units last month, and in June, it was sitting at 161. 
In Bridge Lake though, we only gained three units, up to 22, and at Deka, it stayed the same at 13 residential units. More than half of those 45 units for Interlakes together are over 400,000. So there's much more competition at that higher end of the market. 
When we look at land, across the whole area right now in July, there's only 20 parcels for sale, and all of them are over $100,000. Last month for the same area, we sold 14 parcels, and the median days on market was 15. So they're not sitting very long still and inventory is still tight. 
Days on market are climbing a little bit, but it's going to be a seller's market for a couple of months to come, especially under that $400,000 mark. 
There's your look at the Interlake's market. Hope you guys have a great day.