Deka Lake Market Update

I've got a look for you at what's going on in the Deka Lake market right now. 
Currently there's only seven listings. One is Wildman's Restaurant which is out at the Interlakes corner. 
There was only one cabin for sale at Deka and five pieces of bare land. 
Currently our inventory is sitting at 0.4 months. So, very, very small, very, very. Which puts us firmly into a sellers market. 
In 2019 out at Deka Lake, we had sold 32 units, but in 2020 that number was up to 53. You can also see the cheapest one that went in Deka Lake in 2019, was under half an acre bare land on Merlyn Road for $18,000. 
In 2020, that number jumped up. It was under half an acre, but it was on Julsrud Road, and it went to $26,000. So, it's still firmly a sellers market. 
And if you've been thinking of selling there is no better time. There's no reason to wait for the spring market. We've still got lots of buyers. Our sales are still matching pace with our new listings. The inventory is not climbing at all. There are people out there looking for what you've got. 
So, give your favourite Realtor a call. Have a great day.