100 Mile House Market Update for 2020

Here is a short look at the numbers for 100 Mile House in 2020

Are you wondering what the market did in 2020 in 100 Mile House? I've got some stats for you. 
In 2020, we sold 598 units. That's all across the area and on all types of properties. 
In 2019, we had only sold 429 units. Big jump there. 
In December, we had 2.1 months worth of supply, so we're still firmly in a Seller's market. 
For residential right now, we've got 67 active listings. Now that number usually sits around 350, so you can see it's really, really low. So, prices are up, and until we get some inventory, it's going to keep driving those prices up. 
Right now is still a great time to be a seller. If you'd like help marketing your home, you can reach out to me. Otherwise, Have a great day.