Market Update for October 2020

Have you been wondering what's been going on with the market? 
Well, this summer was wild. 
We had tons of sales, lots of them in multiple offers, lots of them for over asking, driving our prices up. We had a very low inventory. In fact, it's still low. At the end of October, we were at 4.4 months worth of inventory, which still puts us firmly in the seller's market. 
We also had 100 less houses for sale this October than we did last October, so our inventory is still really low, and we expect it to keep dropping until about December or January when it'll start to ramp back up. It'll start to ramp back up more significantly, though, in March and April as people get ready for that spring market. 
So if you've started to think about selling your house or maybe selling it next spring, now is probably still a good time to list. There are still people floating around out there, and like I said, there's not a lot of competition. 
If you are thinking about getting ready for next spring, there's lots of stuff you can do, and have a look at more of my videos for some tips there. 
Hope you guys have a great day.