May Market Update for 100 Mile House and Area.

Hey guys, the numbers are out for April and I've got them for you! 
In 2019, we sold 42 units and April of 2020, we sold 14. So big difference, but not unexpected. 
When we look at our listing numbers for residential detached, at the end of April 2019 we had 227, and at the end of April in 2020, we were down to 204. So that's good. 
When we look at land sales, in April of 2019 we sold 6 units and 2020 was 5. So those numbers look pretty close. We might see land sales do fairly well this year. We'll have to keep an eye on it.
 Right now though we're seeing a lot of activity on the board with new listings and some sales going through, so hopefully things are starting to get back to whatever the new normal is. There you go guys, have a great day!