What can Buyers be doing right now to save time?

There are lots of things Buyers can be doing at this point to get ready for when the floodgates open and everybody's ready to buy. 
First things first, mortgage. Get your pre-approval in place. The banker's going to want lots of paperwork and they're also going to be able to give you clarity, not just on what you can afford but also what their requirements are. Lots of people show up looking at places and don't realize that you won't get a straight mortgage if there is no septic and that the rules for modulars are different. So get in touch with your bank, and get that clarity. 
Second, get all the information about the property. There's lots of info I can get for you guys, like satellite overviews and documentation for the property, that'll give you an idea if it's really as good a fit for you as the pictures make it out to be. 
Third thing to think about. Pick a realtor. Lots of people just fall into one but like everything else, some are better than others and some will be a better fit for you than others. So do some research, get to know them, pick one and then go from there. Also you need to understand that if you're working with the listing agent or asking questions of the listing agent, that they owe duties to their Sellers. So keep that in mind and don't give away too much of your personal information!