Things to know when buying rural properties in Bridge Lake, BC.

    Today I wanted to talk about a couple things that come up pretty often for clients of mine, things they didn't know about buying rural properties. 
    One thing a lot of my clients don't realize is if you're looking to purchase a piece of property that's got more than one Title, it can be harder to finance. If the house sits on one side, on one Title, and the other Title is essentially bare land, the bank will look at it as bare land and will have to be financed that way. 
     Another question I get asked a lot is about the services. Most of the houses out here in the Bridge Lake, Sheridan Lake area have a septic. They've got either a lake water system or a well, either a drilled well or a shallow well. There's power and phone lines on most of the roadways around here. For internet and TV you're looking at satellite, or a Telus hub for internet. 
     Another thing to consider when you're moving rurally is whether there is fire coverage. Here at Bridge Lake, the Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department does fire coverage as well as first responders. They're the ones who go out ahead of the ambulance and get you packaged all up to get into the ambulance quicker and off to the hospital. Most of the areas around here have a volunteer fire department, but not all of them have first responders. So if that medical coverage is important, it's a good question to ask. It's also nice to know if you're covered for fire for your insurance. And if not, I always, always, always recommend buying your own fire pump and fire hoses. Be proactive, people! 
So there you go, there's a couple things to think about if you're thinking about buying a rural property. Things that many of my clients haven't realized ahead of time. If you guys want any more information, feel free to reach out, I'm always here to help!